Monday, May 6, 2013

This stings a little...

Today a good friend of mine from high school is scheduled to be induced with her second baby.  As I was praying for her this morning , her sweet son and her staff at the hospital... I broke down in tears.  It's so hard to watch people do something so normal, when I have been a part of the 1 in 4 who had something terrible happen.  I've experienced stillbirth.  This is the first person who has given birth that I haven't hidden from my Facebook newsfeed... it hasn't been painful to watch her pregnancy... so now, for it to sting surprises me.  I can't help but think what a blessing babies are... and how grateful I am for my children.  Yes, life in the year since Jacob's death has been difficult and hard to bear at times... but I have learned more about myself and my relationship with the Lord than ever before.    I will push through the tears today and thoughts of the bittersweet time I had with my youngest son today...knowing that one day I will see him again.  I will hug his brother tight and love his baby sister even more for him today... I miss you baby boy! <3



  1. Hugs mama!!! It can be so hard!! Prayers sent your way!!!

  2. Sorry for the surprise sting of have so much love for your little one in heaven, and you're a loving friend to be there for another mom even though it hurts...

    1. Thank you Chanda, I have tried. I do indeed have an endless amount of love for my little one in Heaven.