Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Springtime Flowers for my Bud in Heaven

Not long ago I was strolling around our local Wal-Mart for various and assorted things we needed around the house.  I've been wanting for a good while to plant Jacob some flowers, so I ventured out to their garden center.  I found so many beautiful flowers, it was all I could do not to buy one of them all. :)  I bought two pots of these daffodils. I believe they were $1.30 a piece.
I also found these purple petunias, and decided they would look great in front of Jacob's headstone.
In addition to the Petunias and Peach and White daffodils, I also bought these yellow daffodils and two brilliantly red tulips.  These were about $.82 a piece.
Later, I purchased a planter box and potting soil, went home and dug my fingers into the dirt and placed them all like I wanted them, then drove them to my baby boy.
This is the arrangement in front of his headstone.  I planted the peach/white daffodils on either end of his headstone.
A couple of days later I found this adorable little ladybug, and took it to him as well.
 It compliments his flowers so nicely.
  I think my baby boy's little spot is nice and ready for the first day of Spring today.
Happy 1st day of Spring everyone!
Love and miss you Jacob Austin!