Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday before huge thunderstorms rolled through town, these dark clouds were looming over head.  I saw this and had to take a picture... if you look closely, it looks like  a heart in the middle of all the grey.

I bought this little patriotic pinwheel for Jake the other day.  I have been wanting to take it to him since Monday and hadn't yet.  It was really bugging me, so today I made Payton get in the car with me and we took it to him.

At Jake's cemetery this huge tree is what I normally park next to.  It reminds that no matter how bad things get like this tree, God is big. I know i'm covered in his love.
Jake's little grave with his new pinwheel

Payton picked him more new flowers

Jake's dragonfly

Love the way the Lord lit up the sky for me on the way home.  This makes me happy!


  1. Love this post. Love getting signs too. Love getting new things for my heavenly babies. This is my favorite pic:

    Big hugs xoxoxo Nan

    1. Nan, I love buying him new things too! It seems like anytime I go anywhere , I'm looking for things I could take out there. I can't wt for him to have his headstone. I am ordering it this week, and its supposed to take 60 days to be completed. :)

      I love your picture!

      Big big hugs!

    2. That wt is supposed to be wait, I accidentally deleted the a and the I :)

  2. I can see the heart!! =)

    We have two beautiful pinwheels at Caleb's grave. I love to just sit there and watch them spin in the wind. Caleb's grave is underneath a big, beautiful dogwood tree. The day of his funeral, the dogwood blooms were falling and it looked like snow. The ground was covered in the petals. It was such a peaceful sight!! God sends gifts in some of the most incredible ways, doesn't he??

    Big, big hugs!!

    I was given a blog award and told to pass it along. So, here ya go :) Check it out!

  3. Chirleen, I love it when I go to visit Jake and all is calm, and I when I get out of the car and all of the sudden his pinwheel starts blowing... like he knows we are there. <3

    I can only imagine how beautiful all of the Dogwood blossoms at Caleb's funeral were. God does send incredible gifts if you just look for them. :)

    Big Big Hugs to you too!

    Congrats on the blog award... I will definitely check it out. :) Thank you!