Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of School

Today in Texas, most parents were hurriedly rushing about the house, fighting back the tears as their children got ready for the first day of school.  Some were taking their babies to Preschool or Kindergarten and some were watching their senior walk out the door to drive themselves to the first day of their last year in school.

Graduation Cap 

I was up bright and early this morning getting my oldest son Payton ready for his second week of school, as he started last Monday.  I read of many mommies who were getting their babies ready for school today and fighting back many tears.  I spent the morning in prayer for each of them.  Praying each had the strength they needed to make it through the morning and the portion of the afternoon before they pick up their precious gifts from the Lord from their first day of school.

It wasn't until I was driving back home from Payton's school, that I realized , we baby loss mommies will never experience those tender moments of joy, pride and fear as we drop of our angels at school for the first time.  There will always be this empty place in our lives, in our hearts, and in our shopping carts, where their school supplies should have been along with their happy eager faces as we get ready for school time.  

I read not long ago in the book Heaven is for Real that the babies and children are still in school in Heaven, and that the little boy had to do homework and loved it.  Our babies aren't missing anything here on earth.  They have the best teacher of all, with the most experience.

They are happy there.

I truly believe that although we miss our sweet babies,and want more than anything to be able to pick them up and hug their necks, and ask how their first day of school went... we are blessed.

I have a feeling that tonight... if we look into the sky, we will see our babies first coloring project.. they Lord has been working on it with them all day.  
Big Pink Crayon
Orange Crayon 
Blue Crayon
Yellow Crayon
Purple Crayon
I can't wait to see what they have drawn ! 
I know it will be PERFECT!

I will post pictures of the beautiful sunset tonight.


  1. Love and hugs, Jessica...I like to think of the beautiful sunsets as their artwork :) <3

    1. Hugs Hannah! If our babies do have a part in coloring the sunsets, they sure are gorgeous. I took pictures Monday night of the sunset... it was so very pretty. I will post them soon. :)

  2. Beautiful heartfelt post Jessica it brought a tear to my eyes.

    1. Awww Tesha, I am glad you liked this one, but sorry it brought tears to your eyes... hope you have a great day!