Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock-a-bye baby

Today, Monday the 13th day of August 2012, Jacob's headstone was delivered to our small church home where my sweet baby rests.

 On Friday,Jacob's six month birthday, I contacted the monument company to confirm exact date of completion of Jacob's headstone.  The owner explained that it was completed, and that it would be delivered Monday. We agreed to meet at the cemetery at 9:30am.  
 (Afterwards, I wonder if they didn't deliver it Friday because they realized it was an anniversary and didn't want to make it difficult on me)
The gentleman explained to me how everyone that walked by loved his headstone and said " awww, look at the horse".  He also told me that it was absolutely beautiful and he thought I would be pleased. 

I left home early this morning that way I could be at the cemetery when the truck arrived.  Payton and I got there about 9am and moved his bees and pinwheel that way the men would have room to work.  Then it was time to sit and wait. 

I had called the local christian radio station and requested they play Safe and Sound by Matthew West, I thought maybe if I stayed close to the car I would hear it and be reminded through song that Jake is Safe and Sound with the Lord in Heaven.  It also reminds me that I am Safe and Sound with the Lord here on earth.

I didn't get the chance to hear it because the delivery people arrived early.

I explained where exactly they needed to take his headstone.

I watched them back up the truck, get out the shovels and level.
I watched the man shovel away the dirt and grass to make the perfect place to place the base of the stone.

I watched as the men slid the pieces of Jake's horse off the bed of the truck and slowly moved them through the cemetery gate.

And, within twenty minutes of the men arriving, they were done.  Jake's horse was finally assembled and with him forever.

On the back it says:,
My love will fly to you each night on angel's wings 

We Love and miss you
Mommy, Payton, Papa, Mimi, Uncle Cody, Aunt Jackie, Adleigh
Jacob is special. 
 He had to have something original.  
He does for sure have a very special horse.  His horse fits him.

I couldn't be happier. <3


  1. What a beautiful memorial to your beautiful son! Thinking of you!

    1. Leslie, thank you! I think so too. :) I love the way his horse turned out. :)

  2. This is beautiful!!! I love it!! So sweete!!

  3. Hi friend!

    I haven't been over here to read for a while. Glad to see you are doing well!

    What a perfect and beautiful headstone for your sweet little boy! I love the crosses right by his special spot. I wish I could go visit it in person. Glad it turned out so beautiful!! It definitely makes me excited to get Lily's soon :) How much did you pay for it?

    1. Hi my dear friend! I'm so glad you stopped by to read. :) I love the crosses above Jacob. I wish too that you could visit my precious boy... maybe one day you can, if you ever venture over to Texas. I'd love to meet you. I'm glad to hear that you got Lily a special headstone ordered. In total, I believe after taxes, I paid about $1100.00 for Jake's horse. I paid extra for the writing on the back... and it was very much worth it. <3