Sunday, May 6, 2012

International Bereaved Mother's Day

The first Sunday in May is International Bereaved Mother's Day.  It is sometimes too hard for mommies who have lost their children to celebrate Mother's Day with mommies who have living children.  I just want to honor all of my other   fellow angel mommies.   
Happy Mother's Day!

For this mommy, I have a birthday party to go to with my five year old today... I do plan on visiting my sweet angel at the cemetery before hand though.  I miss him so much.  It's very hard to wake up on a Mother's Day and know that although I still have one sweet, precious boy, my other precious boy is in Heaven and I'll spend every Mother's Day for the rest of my life missing him.

I hope each of you have a happy Mother's Day, both today and next Sunday as well.


  1. Happy mothers day to you also friend. Remembering Jacob with you. (HUGS)

    1. awww, Thanks for the hugs Tesha! ((Hugs)) to you too! Thank you for remembering Jacob with me! :)