Thursday, April 19, 2012


        When parents lose a child, most would think the parent would lose confidence in God, in the blessings he bestows on them every day.  While this may be true for some, it's the opposite for many.      

        After Jake passed away a little over two months ago... I began noticing what exactly the Lord had given me that I was thankful for.  I am blessed to have an amazing five year old, a great, supportive , loving family, a car that works, a great attorney to handle my legal proceedings.  I am greatly blessed to have had a hometown funeral home who so generously only charged me for the opening and closing of Jake's grave and a couple of other small things, and who made sure every detail was as it should be.                          
       Sometimes these things don't compare to Jake and what a blessing it would be to have him with me... to have had him in my life.  Don't get me wrong I still think of my angel as a blessing, just a different type.  I perhaps received one of several huge blessings yesterday.  I have been wondering about certain bills that I acquired during my adventure to loss that I hadn't received yet.  I telephoned one of the places, and told the customer service rep that it had been two months or more and I hadn't yet received a bill.  She stated that for a reason unknown to her, my bill had been paid, in full.  I would owe that organization nothing.  I was in shock and still am, honestly.  This is amazing. 

       This is the Lord at work in my life for sure.  The Lord knows what I can handle, he knows that this would uplift my heart and remind me that he is ever present.  He's not to be forgotten and he hasn't forgotten about me. I know there are some who don't believe in God and can chalk up anything said about him to some other phenomenom.  I'm here to tell you that God is great and real and so alive and ready to bless you and bring great peace to your life.  He wants to show you just how much he loves you.  It always makes me feel a little better, when I'm feeling picked on, like i'm the only lady ever to lose my child and that I should still have him safely inside... waiting patiently for June, that God gave his only son to die for ME and YOU!  God gave his son willingly.. I couldn't have given my son up for someone else... I don't think that is normal human nature.  We as mommies and daddies love our children!

Know that I am always thinking about and praying for all other parents who have been through the pain of stillbirth and all other baby loss parents as well.

Have a great Thursday night!


  1. Hi this was a beautiful post. I saw your comment on Wiley's mommies blog. My son Jonathan was born sleeping 1-24-12 at 20 weeks. I love that song Blessing, I am blessed to have found your blog. (((Hugs))) and prayers coming your way :)

  2. Thank you Tesha. I hate that you too lost your Jonathan. Thank you for the prayers and hugs and I am so happy you found my blog. :) Sending prayers back for you as well!