Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sending our Love to You

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Two months ago yesterday, my son Jake, went to Heaven after being born still.  His big brother Payton, his mimi and I drove out to the cemetery and released four balloons for him.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

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My sweet Jake is so very special to everyone!

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I can't wait for Jake's headstone to be placed there for him.
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Payton all on his very own kissed his balloon before he let it fly to Heaven to see Jake. <3 He's so sweet and loves his baby brother so very much!  Payton saw this Spiderman balloon at the store and decided this is the one Jake needed from him... so that is what he got <3

After Payton sent Jake kisses, I thought his mommy should send him some too!
Finally it was momma's turn to release the balloons I had chosen for Jake.

All of mommy's love floating to my angel in Heaven

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This last picture is very beautiful to me... Jake's tiny grave is right below the center cross, just outside of the cemetery : )

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