Monday, April 16, 2012

Strong Enough

Every day is different for me.  Most days I feel ok.. strong enough to face the day.  However for the days that I don't feel quite so strong... I know the Lord is always beside me and is Strong Enough.

This song fits well into my life and I'm sure many other parents who are grieving.  I know of many parents who are in horrible situations right now.  Each of you are in my prayers...  to the parents of the little boy who shot himself accidentally with his mother's service weapon... to the parents of the boy killed in Tyler today when hit on his bicycle by a car... to the momma and daddy who don't know what the next couple of weeks will bring for your sweet angel... my heart hurts for you.

This song has touched my heart more than one would expect.  I had heard it many times before, but it really didn't have such a huge meaning... until I was laying in my hospital room, waiting for my body to change.. waiting for Jake to be born, knowing he'd be born still.  I had KLOVE turned on, on my phone, and this song came on.  It was perfect.  In that moment and still now I know that I don't always have to be strong enough, but the Lord can be strong enough for both of us.

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